The World in PA 110

Earth …

Year 110 (Post Apocalyptic Calendar)

No one saw it coming. In the days leading up to the eruptions of the Ley Lines and the cataclysm that would reshape our world, no one suspected that in a few short weeks the world that they knew would come to an end. I guess that’s the way every civilization has faced their end. We certainly never saw the catastrophe opening up before us now, did we. We thought we were safe. The Old Ones had been asleep for so long that no one ever thought that anyone would ever be able to wake them up.

What utter fools we were. If we had just paid a bit of attention, maybe had a bit of paranoia that something like this might happen, we might have seen the events occur which brought about the release of the Netosa, Lord of eternal suffering, despair, and the undead™.

The World in PA 110

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