House Rules

In the course of gaming over the years, I have gleaned a few things from the various games I have played which have inspired me, and in my humble opinion, made the gaming sessions I have participated in more fun and interesting. So, without further ado, here are some of the little extras and special benefits I offer to my players.


In lieu of the slow progress of leveling that is experienced in Palladium©™ Games, I have added some aspects of White Wolf’s Story Teller Game System attributes to give the players of my games a little extra flexibility in their character creation. One of the things I like about the stuff Kevin Siembieda has put forth for our gaming enjoyment is that if a rule doesn’t work, throw it out. So, I added Bonus points to my campaigns. Characters start with 15 bonus points to spend in a variety of ways to help enhance and improve their characters, as well as give them some depth.

TRAITS (Initial Cost)

4 bonus points will raise one stat point
3 Bonus points will raise a combat bonus by 1 or a skill by 5%
2 Bonus points will buy a new skill beyond the allotted number of O.C.C. Related Skills.
1 Bonus point buys a pip in a background up to three ranks. After three ranks it costs 2 additional bonus points to raise to the next rank. Maximum of five ranks for backgrounds.


x None; Your character skulks about having no one close to turn to.

1 One ally of moderate ability (equivalent of level 1 soldier, etc).

2 Two allies or on significant one (equivalent of level 4 NPC).

3 Three allies or fewer allies of corresponding highly power.

4 Four allies or fewer ones of immense power.

5 Five allies or fewer ones of immense power.

x None; No Artifacts.

1 A minor item – a magic charm, an amulet with a setting for a single Mage Stone or a diadem of office.

2 A useful item, a weapon or suit of armor.

3 A powerful weapon or suit of armor; a non-weapon item of significant power.

4 Either a remarkably powerful weapon or armor or a non-weapon item of power and utility.

5 A vanished wonder of the First Age; a one-of-a-kind item capable of changing the course of history.

x None; a typical grunt.
1 A low ranking position of little authority but a fair amount of (usually dull and unpleasant) responsibility
2 A good post with most of the disagreeable duties pawned off on underlings.
3 Mid level rank, usually with ill defined authority, and responsibility (such lee-way can be both a blessing and a curse).
4 A position of some direction and privilege, the character has access to large resources and is trusted by the elite.
5 You have reached the upper ranks; a leader in your own right, the character commands power and respect.
x None; No useful contacts; The character does their own leg work.

1 One major contact and a few minor ones.

2 Two major contacts in different areas of expertise and a smattering of minor contacts.

3 Three major contacts and a respectable number of minor ones.

4 Four major contacts in different areas expertise (although your character may double up in one given field) and a large number of minor contacts..

5 Five major contacts and a minor contact virtually anywhere your character cares to look.
x No Familiar.

1 A small animal, such as a cat or stray dog (Toto here), that provides companionship and perhaps a warning of danger.

2 An impressive pet, such as a wolf or hawk. A smaller pet that is preternaturally intelligent, i.e. a cat that is very clever and that can understand simple instructions, for example it cannot speak, but it can understand you and perform very simple tasks such as fetching or knocking something over. It communicates with your character (and him alone) fairly well through posture and facial expression.

3 A powerful or dangerous pet; a tiger or a dire wolf. It could also be an impressive and intelligent pet. If the familiar is a small animal, it is as intelligent as a child of eight or nine years old; it can fetch items and do chores, but it has no book learning and can be easily distracted. The familiar can communicate with you as if it were speaking through its noises, postures and expressions. When it is touching your character it makes its P.P.E.™ available to your character (magic users).

4 An impressive pet that has the properties of a small animal familiar at level 3; increased intelligence, sharing of senses, making extra P.P.E.™ available to your character and near-perfect communication.

5 A power or dangerous pet that has the properties of Familiar level 3).
x None; you haven’t inspired anyone to rally to your banner.

1 One Follower of average capability.

2 Three followers..

3 Seven followers..

4 Twenty-five followers.

5 100 Loyal Followers
x None; your character’s fame has yet to spread.

1 Moderately influential; a figure of local note.

2 Moderately powerful; your character swings some weight in the city-state or satrapy where he resides.

3 Influential; your character is very important to the region close to where he resides and noticed in neighboring states.

4 Broad personal power; your character’s words carry great weight throughout the region, and he may rule a town or small city.

5 Vastly influential; your character rules a region or has great pull in several. Surely the Realm even now gathers armies to annihilate him.
x None; your character hasn’t caught anyone’s attention, or perhaps, she simply hasn’t found a patron worthy of her attention.

1 Like an older sibling, your mentor is just a bit more worldly and wise than your character. He has a few connections.

2 A figure of some note or a true power who has little time for your character.

3 A seasoned individual, your character’s mentor is wise and influential.

4 Canny and respected, your character’s mentor has significant clout, even enough to shape the course of a nation.

5 Your character’s mentor is potentially world shaking, and he takes a great interest in your character’s welfare. Beware, though; such a mentor surely has enemies, and those rivals will see you as his heir, understudy, and minion.
x None; You are homeless and broke. You have the clothes on your back.

1 Small savings: You have a tiny apartment or cottage and may own a shoddy suit of armor and a notched long knife. You have no riding animal but may own a pet and some domestic animals. If you support a family, family members go hungry often, and meat is just a dream for them. If you live alone, you can afford to eat meat once a week: 500 gp a month.

2 Comfortable: You have a comfortable cottage or apartment and, probably, own a riding animal of low quality. You may own a suit of armor and a weapon. If you support a family, it eats frequently, if boring meals. If you live along, you can afford to eat meat every day or two and afford hard liquor as well as beer: 1,000 gp a month.

3 Affluent: You own a townhouse or a prosperous farm. You probably have a fine riding animal and another lower quality one if the first falls ill. You have a quality suit of armor and any two weapons. if you live along, you are a merry bachelor or spinster, eating well every night and making merry with your friends. If you are supporting a family, they never go hungry and there are roasts and sweetmeats on feast days. You probably have a domestic servant or two: 2,000 gp per month.

4 Wealthy: You are very wealthy, owning at least a townhouse and a country estate. You bear the finest arms and rid the finest animals and alone or as a master of a family, you and yours will never know hunger or want for medical attention. You may own a private yacht, and a dozen or more servants tend to your needs: 10,000 gp per month.

5 Filthy Rich: You are a merchant prince, bandit king, mercenary lord or potentate. You have more riches than you know what to do with. You command an army or could rent one if you needed to. You own at least one excellent ship. An army of servants waits on you, oh, Prince of the Earth: 100,000 gp per month.

Periodically bonus points will be offered for good role playing and the like in conjunction with experience points. These additional points and any that might have been left over at creation are pooled together and used in the same way Bonus Points were used at the initial character creation, just with different costs.


>Trait >Cost
Stats Current rating
Skills 25 for a level increase
New Skill 10 points
New Spell 10 Points
Background x2 the current level

House Rules

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