A robotic dog with an attitude


Name: “Mutt”
True Name: Maximilian Rotterheim III
Race: Transferred Intelligence Android
Sex: Male
Alignment: Scrupulous
O.C.C. Special Operations Operative
Level of Experience: 7
Points to Next Level:
Age: 15 (45)
Life Span: Unknown (120 years in human form)
Height: 4’
Weight: 250 lbs
Family Origin: Eden Prime, Three Galaxies
Environment: High Technology

Sentiment Toward: Doctors
Dislikes and Distrusts Doctors in General, after all, they tricked him into the special projects program.

Sentiment Toward: The Coalition States
Dislikes and Distrusts the Coalition States – same reason as the first.

Sentiment Toward: Desmond Bradford
Hates Dr. Desmond Bradford, and views him as a psychotic megalomaniac.

Sentiment Toward: Supernatural
Hates Demons, but believes that all races can live and work in harmony together. Treats humans and non-humans alike. Is suspicious of the supernatural, after all, wasn’t it the supernatural that deposited him on this strange, backward planet? Hmm?

Hit Points: N/A
M.D.C: 250

IQ: 22 / 6%
ME: 17 / 1
MA: 14 / -
PS: 30 (19) / 15 (4)
PP: 14 (21) / – (3)
PE: NA (15)
PB: 8 (15) / -
Spd: 44 (31) / 30 mph (21 mph)

Radio: Basic +10%, Literacy: Galactic Trade Tongue (Naruni) 98%, Literacy: Galactic Trade Tongue (Dragonese) – 98%, Language (American) – 98%, Language (Wolfen) – 98%, Language (Promethean) – 98%, Radio: Scramblers – +5/86%, Computer Operation – +5/ 75%, Intelligence – +4 / 77%, Pilot: Robots & Power Armor – +3 / 80%, Robot Combat: Elite – , Pilot: Tanks – +4 / 76%, Weapon Systems – +5 / 91%, Read Sensory Equipment – +5 / 76%, Surveillance Systems – +5/ 76%,
Cryptography – +5/ 71%, Domestic – Cooking +5/ 71%, Detect Concealment – +5/ 76%, Electronics: Basic – +5/ 81%, Paramedic – +5 / 91%, Demolitions – +3 / 94%, Escape Artist – +5/ 76%, Track (People) – +5 / 71%, Military Etiquette – +5/ 71%, Parachuting – +5/ 76, Demolitions Disposal – +5/ 71%, Boxing, Acrobatics: (Sense Balance – 98%, Walk Tightrope – +3/ 84%, Climbing – +5/ 76%, Prowl – +5/ 66%), Advanced Mathematics – +5/ 91%, Computer Hacking – +5/ 59%, Computer Programming – +5/ 66%, Seduction – +3/ 52%, Gambling (Standard) – +5/ 71%, Wilderness Survival – +5/ 71%, Language (Spanish) – 98%

Forgery – 78%, ID Undercover Agent – 78%, Tailing – 74%, Streetwise – 70%, Basic Surveillance – 85%, Find Contraband – 50%, Imitate Voices & Sounds – 72%, Land Navigation – 90%, Naval Tactics – 70%, Demolitions: Underwater – 90%, Trap/Mine Detection – 85%, Computer Repair – 88%, Pilot: Jet Fighters – 86%, Pilot: Starship – 86%, Pilot: Starfighter – 86%, Pilot: Shuttle – 86%, Military Communication Protocol – Can speak and understand all nine major languages 94%

WP Energy Pistol, WP Energy Rifle, WP Knife, WP Heavy Energy Weapons, WP Heavy Weapons, Hand to Hand: Martial Arts,

HAND TO HAND: Martial Arts
No. of Attacks – 6, Initiative – 3, Damage – 15 (4), Strike – 2 (5) , Parry – 3 (6) ,
Dodge – 3 (6), Roll w/ Punch, Fall, or Impact – 3 (5), Pull Punch 3 (5), Entangle – 1,
Kick Attack – 2d8, Punch – 2d6, Jump Kick (Critical Strike), Critical Strike 18-20

Full Audio, Optics & Sensory Package
MDC Animal Features – Medium Claws: 1d6 MD
Biting Jaws and Teeth – Medium: 2d4 MD
Prehensile Tail with Stinger – +2 Strike, +1 Dodge, 40 Doses
Depth Tolerance – 3 miles
Head Jack


Cynical, a bit put off with the whole notion of now being a “dog” instead of the human operative he used to be. Usually he’s congenial and friendly, a bit overbearing and paternal with younger characters. He was a laid back and easy going individual until the “Quacks” betrayed him and transferred him into this “robot body”. He splits his time between grumbling about being a dog and wondering if there is anyway he might get his original body back.


Commander Maximilian Rotterheim III was once one of the most successful field agents and special operations operatives in the Consortium of Civilized Worlds and the Three Galaxies. He trained hundreds of other special agents and carried out hundreds of successful missions before being offered a position in a highly secret Special Defense Initiative program. It was in this program that his mind would be mapped and overlaid in a robotic entity which could then carry out extremely dangerous and highly sensitive missions without endangering the actual operative in the operation. The initial tests were successful, then something went wrong. When Max awoke, he was no longer in his body, but in the canine robot body that had been specially designed to take on his persona. Shocked by this revelation, the doctors tried to subdue him, but Max freaked. He wasn’t supposed to actually be implanted in the robot. He did what he did best, he escaped.

Things went from bad to worse when he was captured on Phase World and sold to a Splugorth as a quaint peculiarity. This event traumatized him. Again, he did what he did best – He escaped. Problem was he was on a world he had no knowledge of and little chance of finding help. He made it to the territory known as Lone Star and was captured again by the Coalition. They were going to destroy him, but the intervention of Doctor Desmond Bradford saved his life. He might have been thankful to Dr. Bradford, but Bradford saved him only to experiment on him and discover what he could of this interesting alien design. It was during this time that he met a fellow prisoner, Jared Moon Dancer, a Sioux Indian from North Dakota. He had been forced to mate with an Elven woman named Estaria Silvermoon. Estaria, it was discovered, had been a genetics experiment of Dr. Bradford’s to discover the reason why Elves and humans couldn’t reproduce. The union of Moon Dancer and Silvermoon had produced two daughters, Reyah and Esara. Dr. Bradford had decided he had done enough with this particular experiment. Maximilian discovered that the parents were to be terminated and the children used for further experimentation so he used his skills and broke them all out, guiding them through the network of tunnels and passages of the Lone Star complex to freedom.

Everything might have gone well, but Dr. Bradford unleashed his special team of assassins. Maximilian the man might have been able to challenge these assassins. Maximilian the dog-bot was unable to contend with them as easily. When the dust settled Maximilian and Reyah were all that remained. Bradford’s minions had recaptured Esara and killed the mother and father. Maximilian guided Reyah into the desert and away from Lone Star. He knew he couldn’t hope to get back in there and save the girl. At least not so soon after escaping. So he would plan and bide his time to get back and rescue the girl.

In the meantime, he guided the young girl through the wilds of North America up to North Dakota where he might be able to reunite her with her family. This might have worked if she had not been so blatantly non-human. Her tribe, a group of staunch traditional Indians, looked upon her as unapproachable. The girl, devastated by the rejection of her own kind ran into the wilderness. Maximilian found her weeping in the tall grass near a stand of trees. It was then that a horseman riding by heard the sound of her weeping and came to investigate.

This was where fortune smiled upon them both. The man, a mangy looking cowboy, was actually a Justice Ranger. He took her and Maximilian to what used to be Fargo North Dakota. They lived there for several years until chance happened that Maximilian got captured and taken west. He thought his future was going to go dismally into the abyss when chance happened to tilt her hat to him again and a stranger entered into a card game with his master. The stranger, as it happened, turned out to be a displaced Machine Man from the Transgalactic Empire, but Max wasn’t going to be picky at the moment. The Machine Man might not be the typical monster coming out the Empire anyway. As it happened, Reston wasn’t, and the two have been traveling companions now for a couple of years.


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