Ferret is a member of the Justice Rangers who wanders the open plains of the Midwest


Name: Ferret
True Name: Reyah Silvermoon
Race: Half-Elf (A Dr. Bradford Experiment)
Sex: Female
Alignment: Scrupulous
O.C.C.: Justice Ranger
Level of Experience: 6
Experience Points: 24,501
Age: 26
Life Span: 600 +
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Family Origin: Native/D-Bee
Environment: High Tech

Sentiment Toward: The Coalition

She hates the Coalition states. They are the ones responsible for the death of her family and for bringing her into existence. Someone might say she owes them her life, but as far as she’s concerned it is their fault that she is the way she is. It isn’t that she has a problem with Elves or with the Sioux.

Sentiment Toward: Humans & D-Bees

Is somewhat suspicious of Native Americans, including the Sioux nation. This is due to their rejection of her upon her first encounter with them.

Sentiment Toward: Non-Humans

Hates Demons, but believes that all races can live and work in harmony together. Treats humans and non-humans equally, but is a bit suspicious of creatures who are supernatural or whose appearance is extremely inhuman.

Hit Points: 52
S.D.C: 164

IQ: 17 / +3%
ME: 14 / ——
MA: 8 / --
PS: 17 / +2
PP: 28 / +7
PE: 16 / ——
PB: 21 / 55%
Spd: 34 / 23 mph

Native Language: Dragonese – 98%, Language: Sioux – 98%, Basic Math – +5/68%, Radio: Basic – +5/58%, Track (People) – +5/68%, Track Animals – +5/58%, Land Navigation – +4/79%, Intelligence – +4/70%, Detect Ambush – +5/63%, Wilderness Survival – +5/73%, Horsemanship: Cowboy – +3/ 66%/50%, Climbing – +5/80%, Roping – +5/68%, Breaking/Taming Horses – +5/58%, Running, Language: American – +5/88%, Camouflage – +5/48%, Armorer/Field Armorer – +5/68%, Find Contraband/Weapons – +4/49%, Recognize Weapons Quality – +5/53%, Paramedic – +5/68%, Acrobatics: Sense Balance – +5/63%, Walk Tightrope/High Wire – +3/63%, Prowl – +5/58%, Pilot: Automobile – +2/63%, Mechanics: Automotive – +5/58%, Streetwise – +4/43%, Identify Plants & Fruits – +5/63%, Cooking (Professional) – +5/73%, Law – +5/48%, Herding Cattle – +5/33%, Boxing, Swimming – +5/78%, Athletics (General),

WP Energy Pistol 3 to Strike
WP Energy Rifle 3 to Strike
WP Knife 2 to Strike / 3 to Parry / 3 to Throw
WP Sharpshooting (Special)
WP Revolvers 6(7)to Strike / 1 to Attack
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

HAND TO HAND: Martial Arts
No. of Attacks – 6(7), Initiative – 1(3), Damage – 2, Strike – 9, Parry – 13,
Dodge – 13, Roll w/ Punch, Fall, or Impact – 3, Pull Punch – 4, Entangle – 1(2),
Kick Attack – 1d8, Punch – 1d6, Jump Kick (Critical Strike), Critical Strike 18-20,
Disarm (Revolver)- 2,


Quiet, self-reliant, but friendly and generally well mannered toward people. She can be shy at times around people she doesn’t know, but warms up as she gets to know them more. Still, she ends up remaining aloof due to her life experiences.


Model 1860 Colt .44 revolver
Range: 130’
Payload 6 rounds (Takes 1 melee to Reload)
Damage – 5d6 SDC

Wilks-Remi Model 136 “The Big Man” Laser Pistol
Range: 600’
Payload: Standard e-clip – 15 rounds, Long e-clip – 30 rounds
Damage – 3d6 MDC

Vibro Bowie Knife
Range: Melee
Damage: 1d6+2 MDC

Traveling clothes (3 pairs pants, 2 long shirts, vest, poncho, belt, cowboy boots, brown leather duster, cowboy hat), Dress clothes (2 pairs of nice pants, 2 nice silk dress shirt, black vest, belt, good boots, a suit jacket, neck bolo, silver ear rings, gold chain necklace), Bandoleer belt with 200 rounds of .44 caliber for Model 1860 Colt, gas mask and air filter, tinted goggles, NG-S2 Basic Survival Pack, IRMSS Robot Medical Kit, Infrared binoculars, Portable Language Translator, 8 sets of SDC handcuffs, 2 sets of MDC handcuffs, 50’ of heavy duty parachute cord, Utility Belt, Backpack, Knapsack, 4 small sacks, 2 canteens, Justice Ranger Badge.


Reyah was born into the world a slave. Not only was she a slave, but she was the result of a lab experiment performed by Dr. Desmond Bradford of the Lone Star Research Complex in the Coalition State of Lone Star. There was never a time when she thought that she might be a normal person. Not in the way the technicians treated her, not in the way she watched her older sister taken away at the tender age of twelve. The constant aloofness of their captors, the hungry looks of the guards, and the knowledge gleaned from parents who thought they were keeping things secret left Reyah with the one certainty of life, the best she would ever have of life was being a slave.

Then she met “Mutt”, the android dog who was sneaking around the ventilation system trying to find a way out of the complex. He became her secret friend, revealing even his true name to her. She dubbed him “Max” and told him all the things she knew, which was not much. He found her naivety refreshing, so he returned to her on his way back to his own cage. It was during one of these escapades that he revealed to her what the “Scientists” had been doing to her sister, mother, and father. She was still to young to be of use to the great Dr. Bradford, but there was something in the way “Max” talked that she wouldn’t be kept innocent much longer.

One night Max appeared. He told her he had found a way out and that her family had to come with him right then. She told her father about Max, about everything that had been going on between them. His father spoke with Max and urgently sent his family into the ventilation system. Within the hour they were outside the Complex and hurrying toward the wilderness. It took about an hour for the Complex to realize they were missing and then all Hell broke loose. The Coalition were after them with a vengeance. Reyah’s father charged Max with her life and then turned to try and draw away the pursuit. Max led her, her mother, and her sister further into the wilderness when they encountered a group of mutant animals. The animals taunted them as Reyah’s mother shouted for them to run. It was the last time Reyah ever say her mother or her father again.

The Coalition might have caught her again had Max not pinned her in a hole. He tried to get her sister as well, but the girl ran on heedlessly. What happened to her, neither Max nor she learned. They believed Esara had been captured, but they have no proof of that.

Max made good on his promise and guided her through the wilderness back to North Dakota where she was introduced to her father’s people. Unfortunately, they wanted nothing to do with her as she was, by definition, an abomination. Elves and Humans had never been able to breed, how was she able to be produced. When it was learned that she had escaped from the Coalition and the mad experiments of Dr. Desmond Bradford, the tribe rejected her completely. She ran into the wilderness, her heart torn and no hope in sight. Max came to comfort her, but even he found it difficult to comfort the then ten year old girl. It wasn’t until the arrival of Jefferson Canby, a Justice Ranger, who took his time to give her something to eat and then listened as she told her tale that a ray of hope shown through. In the end, he took her back to the place where he lived and took her on as his own daughter. She lived with him up until the day he was murdered by the 1st Apocalypse Cavalry. She had already undergone the training to become a Justice Ranger herself, and was initiated as a Justice Ranger a year after Canby’s death.

She has traveled the northern regions of the Midwest, all throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and eastern Montana, She tends to avoid the areas that are known to be under the observation of the Coalition States, not wanting to put herself back in the grips of Desmond Bradford.

At this moment, Reyah has not attempted to start her own family, nor does she have any interest in getting involved with anyone of the opposite sex. That doesn’t mean she’s tilted toward women, it merely means she’s not interested in getting mixed up in something that might tie her down and take her away from her nomadic lifestyle.


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