Dustin Calloway

A Cowboy from North Dakota


Name: Dusty
True Name: Dustin Calloway
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Alignment: Unprincipled
O.C.C.: Cowboy
Level of Experience: 5
Experience Points:
Age: 30
Life Span: 120
Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Family Origin: Native Earth, North Dakota
Environment: Frontier
Deceased: 0326-2011

Sentiment Toward: D-Bees
He’s tolerant of D-Bees, doesn’t much care for the Simvan, but most of the D-Bee’s he’s met are pretty decent people.

Sentiment Toward: Supernatural
The jury’s still out on the whole supernatural gig. He’s had to help fend off some demon attacks, but his boyfriend is a werewolf, so he can’t really get to nasty about them.

Hit Points: 46
S.D.C: 90

IQ: 16 / +%
ME: 15 / --
MA: 15 / --
PS: 19 / +4
PP: 16 / +
PE: 16 / --
PB: 16 / %
Spd: 34 / 23 mph

Language: American 98%; Basic Math – +5/ 80%; Radio: Basic – +5/ 75%; Branding – +5/ 90%; Herding Cattle – +5/ 70%; Roping – +5/ 70%; Land Navigation – +4/ 72%; Lore: Cattle/Animals – +5/ 70%; Horsemanship: Cowboy – +3/ 78%/62%; Climbing – +5/ 70%/60%; General Athletics; Play Guitar (Professional Quality) – +5/ 55%; Breaking/Taming Wild Horse – +5/ 60%; Roping – +5/ 60%; Fishing – +5/ 60%; Cooking – +5/ 50%; Boxing; Swimming – +5/ 70%; Gambling – +5/ 50%; Running; Body Building

WP Revolver; WP Bolt Action Rifle; WP Energy Pistol; WP Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Expert


  1. of Attacks – 6, Initiative +, Damage +, Strike +2, Parry +6,
    Dodge +6, Roll w/ Punch, Fall, or Impact +4(6), Pull Punch +6, Disarm – +1 Entangle +2, Kick Attack – 1d6, Punch – 1d6, Critical Strike 20, +1 to strike/ensnare with lasso, +2 save vs. Horror Factor

Dustin is a laid back, easy going fellow who doesn’t get worked up about much, but takes his business seriously. He is easy to get along with and treats everyone equally, though he might show favoritism toward a guy he finds attractive.

Dustin is a tall, athletically built, African American. He keeps his head shaved and wears an diamond studded earring in his right ear lobe.


Wilk’s-Remi Model 136"The Big Man" Laser pistol
Range: 600’
Payload: Standard e-clip – 15 rounds or Long e-clip – 30 rounds; Damage – 3d6 MDC

Wilk’s-Remi 157 “Judgment Day”
Range: 1800’
Payload: 30 single shots per standard E-Clip, or 10 pulse shots.
Damage: 3d6+2 MD per single shot or 1d6x10 MD per 3 round pulse burst.

Vibro Bowie Knife
Range: Melee
Damage: 1d6+2 MDC

Traveling clothes (3 pairs pants, 2 long shirts, vest, poncho, belt, cowboy boots, brown leather duster, cowboy hat), Dress clothes (2 pairs of nice pants, 2 nice silk dress shirt, black vest, belt, good boots, a suit jacket, neck bolo, silver ear ring with a diamond stud, gold chain necklace), gas mask and air filter, tinted goggles, NG-S2 Basic Survival Pack, IRMSS Robot Medical Kit, Infrared binoculars, Portable Language Translator, 8 sets of SDC handcuffs, 2 sets of MDC handcuffs, 50’ of heavy duty parachute cord, Utility Belt, Backpack, Knapsack, 4 small sacks, 2 canteens. 12,000 Universal credits


Dustin has been a cowboy all his life. He grew up near the ruins of Bismarck North Dakota and has worked around the area ranches since he was old enough to get on the back of a horse and ride. Before that he milked cows and took care of mucking stalls. It is all he has known and the wide open ranges are a place of solace and peace for him. Still, he has wondered what the big wide world might be like, though opportunity hadn’t come knocking until he met Logan. Now, he is out and about, a cowboy on a journey of soul and love. He still hasn’t come along anything too out of the ordinary yet . . . yet.

Dustin Calloway

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