Derek Grumman

The Local Sheriff of New Bismarck


Name: Buster
True Name: Derek Grumman
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Alignment: Principled
O.C.C.: Sheriff/Lawman
Level of Experience: 8
Experience Points:
Age: 32
Life Span: 120
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Family Origin: Native Earth
Environment: Frontier
Deceased: 0326-2011

Sentiment Toward: D-Bees
He’s tolerant of D-Bees, doesn’t much care for the Simvan, but most of the D-Bee’s he’s met are pretty decent people.

Sentiment Toward: Supernatural
As long as it doesn’t come banging down the door of his town and trying to kill the people he’s in charge of taking care of he doesn’t much care about the supernatural. As long as he’s known, the supernatural has been around and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.

Hit Points:
S.D.C: +120

IQ: 18 / +4%
ME: 15 / ——
MA: 17 / --
PS: 19 / +4
PP: 20 / +3
PE: 15 / --
PB: 17 / 35%
Spd: 34 / 23 mph

Language: American – 98%; Language: Spanish – 98%; Language: Gobblely – 98%; Literacy: American – 98%; Basic Math – +5/ 98%; Law (General) – +5/ 98%; Interrogation – +5/ 84%; Surveillance Systems – +5/ 84%; Land Navigation – +4/ 95%; Pilot: Automobile – +2/ 98%; Horsemanship: Cowboy – +3/ 81%/64%; Recognize Weapons Quality – +5/ 84%; Find Contraband – +4/ 74%;
Streetwise – +4/ 64%; Cooking – +5/ 74%; Tracking (people) – +5/ 69%; Mechanical: Automotive – +5/ 69%; Intelligence – +4/ 76%;
Medical: Paramedic – +5/ 84%; Wilderness Survival – +5/ 69%; Boxing; Athletics (General); Weight Lifting; Running; Swimming;

WP Revolver; WP Bolt Action Rifle; WP Energy Pistol; WP Energy Rifle; WP Paired weapons
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts; Weapon Mastery & Bonuses: Can pick up, figure out, and use most types of handguns and rifles. Quick Draw Initiative: Handguns +3. Horror Factor/Reputation: 11

HAND TO HAND: Martial Arts

  1. of Attacks – 6, Initiative , Damage +4, Strike +5, Parry +9,
    Dodge +9, Roll w/ Punch, Fall, or Impact +3(5), Pull Punch +3, Disarm – +3 (
    5 to disarm on a called shot); Entangle +2, Kick Attack – 1d6, Punch – 1d6, Critical Strike 20, +1 to strike/ensnare with lasso, +4 save vs. Horror Factor; Jump Kick; Leap Attack


Derek is fairly laid back, though being a law man, he tends to get a little uptight at times. Most of the time he is a congenial individual and gets along with everyone, but he is a bit suspicious of strangers, and has a sharp eye for trouble.


Wilks-Remi Model 136 “The Big Man” Laser Pistol
Range: 600’
Payload: Standard e-clip – 15 rounds Long e-clip – 30 rounds
Damage – 3d6 MDC

Wilk’s-Remi 157 “Judgment Day” Laser Rifle
Range: 1800’; Payload: 30 single shots per standard E-Clip, or 10 pulse shots.
Damage: 3d6+2 MD per single shot or 1d6x10 MD per 3 round pulse burst.

Vibro Bowie Knife
Range: Melee
Damage: 1d6+2 MDC

Traveling clothes (3 pairs pants, 2 long shirts, vest, poncho, belt, cowboy boots, brown leather duster, cowboy hat), Dress clothes (2 pairs of nice pants, 2 nice silk dress shirt, black vest, belt, good boots, a suit jacket, neck bolo), gas mask and air filter, tinted goggles, NG-S2 Basic Survival Pack, IRMSS Robot Medical Kit, Infrared binoculars, Portable Language Translator, 8 sets of SDC handcuffs, 2 sets of MDC handcuffs, 50’ of heavy duty parachute cord, Utility Belt, Backpack, Knapsack, 4 small sacks, 2 canteens. 12,000 Universal credits


Derek grew up in Hope, son of the local livery stables, he showed great promise for leadership and was so squeaky clean that people could trust him with just about anything. When he came of age, he took an apprenticeship under the current sheriff at the time, learning law and how to handle a “Shooting Iron”. When it came time, he signed on as a deputy, serving the town and working with several of the roaming Justice Rangers, including young Reyah Silvermoon. The two of them developed a fairly friendly relationship and worked together on several cases.

When it came time for the old sheriff to retire, the obvious choice for a new sheriff was Derek. He accepted the post with his usual reserve and humility, but he was dancing inside. Being sheriff was something he had always wanted to achieve, and now he was reaching his dream. His relationship with Ferret grew as she began to roam more closely to Hope and the two have become even stronger friends.

Derek Grumman

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