Simone Godwind-Darkmoore

A cold, calculating assassin who is more than meets the eye


Name: Angel of Death
True Name: Simone Godwind-Darkmore
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Alignment: Aberrant
O.C.C.: Master Assassin/Diabolist/Wizard
Level of Experience: 15 / 12 / 8
Experience Points:
Age: 226
Life Span: 600
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Family Origin: Old Kingdom, Palladium
Environment: Large City
Place of Origin: Old Kingdom
Appearance: Tall, lean, athletic build, she has sparkling emerald colored eyes, long, luxurious red hair and a dazzling smile. She seduces with a wink and a grin.

Sentiment Toward: The Coalition
Indifferent. Has heard a great deal about the Coalition, their practices and beliefs, but it doesn’t sound any different than dozens of other kingdoms and political entities she’s had to deal with back home.

Sentiment Toward: Non-Humans
She’s wary of demons, knowing full well what they’re capable of. She’s indifferent to everyone else, judging people on an individual basis rather than as a society. She is suspicious of everyone equally.

Hit Points: 225
M.D.C. 152
P.P.E. 6486
I.S.P. 248

IQ: 19 / +5%
ME: 14 /
MA: 11 /
PS: 18 / +3
PP: 26 / +6
PE: 15 /
PB: 28 / 86%
Spd: 39 /

Skills of Note:
Native Language: Dragonese – 98%; Language: Dwarven – 98%; Language: Orc – 98%;
Language: American – 98%; Language: Spanish – 98%; Language: Greek – 98%;
Language: Demongogian – 98%; Literacy: Dragonese – 98%; Literacy: Dwarven – 98%; Literacy: American – 98%; Literacy: Demongogian – 85%; Basic Math – 98%; Disguise – 98%; Intelligence – 98%; Tracking (People) – 98%; Land Navigation – 98%; Wilderness Survival – 98%; Lore: Demons & Monsters – 98%; Gymnastics: Sense Balance – 98%, Work Parallel Bars & Rings – 95%, Climb Rope – 95%, Back Flip – 98%; Climbing – 98%/93%; Boxing; Prowl – 98%; Swimming – 98%; Cooking – 98%; Botany – 80%; Chemistry – 90%; Analytical Chemistry – 80%; Advanced Mathematics – 98%; Computer Operation – 98%; Computer Programming – 85%; Pick Locks – 98%; Pick Pockets – 98%; Use Poisons – 98%; Streetwise – 75%; Seduction- 60%; Horsemanship: General – 85%/65%; Heraldry/Military Etiquette – 90%; Imitate Voices & Impersonation – 81%/61%; Dance – 85%; Singing – 98%; Lore: Magic – 80%; Photography – 98%, Sense Ley Lines – 98%; Sense Ley Line Nexus – 98%; Sense Rift – up to 400 miles; Sense Magic in Use – 3500 miles; Recognize Enchantment – 95%; Recognize Magic – 85%; Literacy: Runes – 96%; Mystic Symbology; Recognizes and Understand Magic Circles – 59%; Use Magic Circles – 75%; Identify Energized Wards – 70%; Recognize Enchantment – 65%; Recognize Magic – 65% (85%); Sculpting & Whittling – 75%;

WP Paired Weapons, WP Archery & Targeting, WP Small Thrown, WP Sword , WP Garrote, WP Energy Pistol, WP Energy Rifle, WP Sniper
Hand To Hand: Assassin

Save vs. Magic - +5
Save vs. Horror Factor - +6
Spell strength - +4
Enchanted Cauldron - 91%
Spell Strength of Wards - 15
Disease - 14 or better
Lethal Poison - 14 or better
Non-lethal Poison - 16 or better
Harmful Drugs - 15
Acids - Dodge
Insanity - 12 or better (sometimes higher)
Psionics - 12
Magic - 12/16

HAND TO HAND: Assassin
No.of Attacks – 8, Initiative – +11, Damage – +5, Strike – +12,
Parry – +9, Dodge – +9, Roll w/ Punch -, Fall, or Impact – +,
Pull Punch – +, Entangle – +2, Kick Attack – 2d6, Punch – 1d6,
Jump Kick – (Critical Strike), Critical Strike – 18-20, Knock out/stun – 17-20;
Death Blow – natural 20


Simple :

  • Acba: Invokes power/mystic energy. Keron: Deevil lord (?), symbolizes
    evil and darkness.

  • Pein: Demon lord (?), symbolizes evil and darkness.

  • Yin: A linking word like “and,” “or,” “also.”

Elemental :

  • Ariel-Rapere-kyn: earth

  • Cherubot-kyn: air

  • Seraph-mytyn: fire

  • Tharsis-mycn: water

Force :

  • Agu: An Old One; the word symbolizes life, birth, and rebirth.
  • Erva: An Old One; symbolizes death and darkness.
  • Kym-nark-mar: A dragon; symbolizes wisdom, power, and strength.
  • Lictalon: An Elven wizard; symbolizes duality and knowledge.
  • Lo-kum: An angel; symbolizes transition, dimensions, and change.
  • Netosa: An Old One; symbolizes suffering, undead, and eternity.
  • Tao-bo: An angel; symbolizes love, peace, and serenity.
  • Tarm-kin-toe: An Old One; symbolizes pain, hate, and treachery.
  • Xy: The Great Old One! The word symbolizes power incarnate.
  • Ya-ahk-met: An Old One; symbolizes power and light.
  • Ya-blik: An Old One; symbolizes fear, betrayal and pestilence.

Number of Wards: Two per P.E. attribute points per 24 hours
To empower wards with magic, the proper power words must be spoken and each ward symbol in the “ward phrase” must be energized with one (1) P.P.E. point. The power symbol costs 5 P.P.E. and the permanence ward symbol costs 20 P.P.E. to energize. A typical ward phrase will have 2-5 ward symbols

Disposition: Quiet, self-reliant, but friendly and generally well mannered toward people. She can be shy at times around people she doesn’t know, but warms up as she gets to know them more. Still, she ends up remaining aloof due to her life experiences.



The story of Simone “Angel of Death” Godwind starts in tragedy. Her early childhood was formed in an old noble family within a portion of the Old Kingdom of the Palladium world that still maintained some semblance of order. Her father was killed before she was twelve, fighting the Orc incursions into their territories. Her older brother, Erik, went to the East in search of a means to help his family and would not come back, though she would meet up with him years later.

Left to fend for themselves, her mother decided that the only way that Simone would stand a chance in the world would be to train Simone in her own old profession – that of an assassin. At first Simone loved everything her mother was teaching her, even though her mother was a harsh task mistress. Eventually Simone became proficient in the skills of her trade. Her final task was a complicated affair that she never completely forgave her mother for. Her mother introduced her to a handsome young elvish lord who took Simone as lover. She grew close to the young lord and might have considered becoming his wife had her mother not given her the order to kill him. It was the hardest thing Simone had ever had to do, and she nearly didn’t carry through with it. Nearly.

After leaving her lover’s cold corpse in a wooded glade, Simone ran off into the woods, leaving everything behind – a heart broken teen who wanted nothing more than to take her own life she might lay with her lover forever. Her mother caught her and told her that she needed to get a grip. What remained of any sort of love and concern for her mother died that night. Simone Godwind truly transformed into the Angel of Death.

Her mother gave her the first tools of her trade that she would acquire and sent her in search of her brother, Erik. Finding her brother was the last thing on Simone’s mind, and so she found her way to the port city of Adjaskar and began searching for work. She soon found it. First she had to prove herself, which was easily accomplished. Simone proved herself a cold blooded killer in the arenas of the underworld, taking on the worst that the owners could put up against her. Soon jobs for more subtle work were coming and she quickly proved her capabilities as an assassin. It was on one of these missions that she came to the attention of the Alchemist known only as “Fred”. Never one to mix business with pleasure, he took her on as one of his personal assassins and sent her on increasingly dangerous missions. She killed her first wizard by age 120, and moved on to more complicated and feared opponents.

It was at this time that she encountered her brother, Erik. He had run upon hard times and it was her intervention that kept him from coming to a complete end at the hands of some petty thugs. She quietly moved him into contact with Fred who found a use for the wayward Paladin and soon he was heading out to live the life of an adventurer. It was also around this time that Simone encountered one of Fred’s other assassins – Shae Darkmore, better known as “the Shadow”. A friendly rivalry arose between the two of them, and eventually they headed out to adventure together. Fred’s parting gift to Simone, aside from the promise that he would have more work for them when they returned, was a set of daggers that would become her trademark – the handles were carved in the visage of the “Angle of Death” and they could magically take flight and attack her target. They were linked to her already formidable psionic abilities.

Eventually, she and Shae truly fell in love. At first, Simone was terrified of the occurrence. She was afraid that their relationship would become like her last relationship, but as they spent more and more time together, she realized that Shae wasn’t going to be like that relationship. He truly loved her, and he had the capacity to ensure that neither of them would ever be harmed. It didn’t hurt that his cousin was the legendary Gar Von Riva – the Avenger. Simone had a tryst with Gar years before, but Shae had become her life and soul. They worked better as a team than either of them had worked alone, and that discovery made them the most feared assassins in all of Palladium.

Everything seemed bright and happy until a chance encounter with her mother again. Her mother didn’t have a problem with the life Simone had made for herself, but she had gotten herself into a bit of trouble with a creature that was nearly as powerful as the ancient Old Ones. The Splugorth had demanded a high price for her mother’s freedom. Simone went to see what she could do to try and get her mother free and in the process got herself transported to a whole different part of the Megaverse. Simone got her mother free of the Splugorth’s clutches, but she couldn’t find her way back home. In a whole different universe, cut off from her husband and those that she loved, Simone found herself trying to find her way back and unwilling to take the assistance of any supernatural creature that offered. Too many of them gave offers attached with all kinds of strings. It has been years since this event, and she has since wandered the Megaverse trying to find her way home, sending messages through any agent she might find that might have a possibility of finding her husband, his cousin Gar, who was now a gold card member of the Pantheon of Light & Darkness, or trying to find anyone who might know a way to get her home. She has found her way to Rift’s Earth because it is the one place in the Megaverse besides Center in Phase World that has gateways going anywhere and everywhere. She hopes that maybe here she can find the way home. She knows one person who is going to suffer dearly for her long departure. Dear Mother.

Simone Godwind-Darkmoore

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