Gateways of the Ancients

Into the Fire Part II

The Old West Reborn


After accepting a teleport by her friend Horatio, Anya, Reston, and Mutt appear outside the Town of Hope, North Dakota. They happen upon Ferret, a Justice Ranger, who has been tied up and left for dead by the local Sioux Indian Tribe. There is a tale to be told about Ferret. She is a Half-Elf, Half-Sioux, which is unheard of. Come to find out that her parents were captured by the Coalition, her father a full blood Sioux, her mother a D-Bee elf from Palladium. In the process of their incarceration by Dr. Desmond Bradford in Lone Star, her mother was experimented on by some of the scientists there and her DNA changed to allow her to breed with humans. It was an experiment with no real logical conclusion other than to see what possibilities could be unlocked. However, the result of the experiments were Ferret and her older sister.

It happens that at the same time Ferret was locked up in the Lone Star Complex, so was Mutt. Mutt helped her escape from the complex and kept watch over her as they headed out into the wilderness in an attempt to find any part of her family that might take her in. The Sioux wanted nothing to do with her, but a Justice Ranger by the name of Jason Canby. He took her in and raised her as his own daughter, teaching her everything she would need to become a Justice Ranger. Eventually Mutt and Ferret parted company and Ferret went on to follow in Canby’s footsteps. Their encounter rekindled and old friendship and allowed the party to gain a peaceful entrance into Hope.

In Hope, the group encounters Logan, a homosexual Werewolf Assassin trying to find a way out of town. The quickest, and easiest way to get out of town seems to be these new comers trying to make their way to Lazlo. He signs on, even though he has recently fallen for one of the local cowboys, Dusty. Dusty decides he will come along as well. As the adventure in Hope heats up, the antics of Mutt get crazy as he decides to start picking on Logan. There is too much time for them to wait around and get in trouble as they wait for one of the fabled TW Trains to arrive and take them east. Mutt engages in espionage and assault via fairy food to antagonize and torment Logan and his boyfriend while the other try to keep him from doing just that. Anya, a Nymph, finds herself completely at a loss for being in the world of men. She ends up having to wear clothes and unable to find any places of peaceful nature to rest. Reston takes it as his personal mission to watch over the wayward Nymph even though he doesn’t quite know what to do with her and the whole idea of him being her rock is still a bone of contention for the two of them.

Finally the train arrives. Derek, Ferret’s friend and the local sheriff of Hope decides that the best idea is to go along with Ferret, Logan, and Dusty to keep an eye on things. After all, it’s just a trip to Lazlo right? He leaves the town in the hands of his Deputy. On the train, the group encounters a mysterious woman named “Angel”. Angel ends up being a displaced Assassin from Palladium. When the Coalition attacks the train, the characters quickly find themselves having to escape the assault. Angel comes to their aid, leading them away from the attack and to a cave where there is a Circle of Teleportation. Utilizing her arcane knowledge, she uses a pair of fairy wings and teleports the group away from Minnesota. They appear in an identical cave somewhere near the Pre-Rifts state of Kentucky. They happened upon the magic communal town of Dumont where they meet Anghim, a baby dragon who has a panache for all things techno-wizard. Anghim decides to join up with our party and journey north with them to Lazlo.



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