Gateways of the Ancients

Into the Fire


Our intrepid adventurers begin their journey into the unknown with the arrival of an undead Shaman who taints Anya’s Glade. The enraged Nymph goes off to the nearby town of Post Falls Idaho to garner help, and elicits the assistance of Reston, the Machine Man and his companion “Mutt”, the cybernetic dog. The three of them return to fight the Shaman, and are nearly destroyed but saved by the arrival of Anya’s friend, Horatio, the Great Horned Dragon. Horatio informs Anya that the Shaman may return, he may not. There is no certainty with those particular creatures, but her glade is well and truly tainted and is beyond his powers to heal. Reston and Mutt agree to go with Anya in search of more powerful help to restore her Glad.

In addition to the battle and conflict, Reston unwittingly ate Anya’s favorite rock to gain the necessary sustenance required of his species, and so she is now tied to him. He has become her rock, and when they are done trying to find someone to help restore her glade back to its original state, he is supposed to – according to her anyway – stay and be her rock.



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