Gateways of the Ancients

Death's Eternal Kiss Part 1


Our intrepid heroes are stopped by the goddess Artemis and asked to help with a conflict against the dread “Soul Harvesters”. Our heroes accept the challenge and the offer of a favor from the goddess if they will help in the fight. They venture to the east of Dumont, passing into the borders of the old state of Kentucky. On their journey, they encountered a coach drawn by a team of zombie horses. The coach vanished in a flurry of grenade and energy fire.

Not long after the attack on the carriage and horses a group of “Xombies” attacks the party, causing a firefight that almost turned into a route. Our heroes managed to defeat the “Xombies” but discovered that the Xombies came back without “magically” killing them. Simone reveals her “special” weapons – soul eating swords – that destroy the xombies.

As the heroes get closer to the source of the Xombies, their numbers increase. The battles get harder, until their boat floating across the swamp is assaulted by a horde of Xombies. The battle guides them to the alter of the Harvesters of Souls, where they confront Lady Sublime, a Harvester sworn to the goals of the evil alien intelligence “Nexla”. In the final confrontation they kill Sublime and free the captives being prepared for “sacrifice”, including Keiara, a Ley-Line walker who was about to be made the first victim. Keiara tells them about all the other prisoners kept captive in an underground complex hidden away deep in the swamp. She is willing to guide them if they’ll allow her to join them. The group accepts Keiara into their midst and prepares for the assault on the Harvesters’ Lair.



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